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Glass of Vodka with Ice and White BackgroundIt’s one of those freaky medical paradoxes that not even doctors and scientists can actually explain. But many studies have continually provided outcomes suggesting that individuals who refrain from alcohol consumption tend to bite the dust prior to those who drink (to a moderate degree of course).  Honestly, at first this doesn’t make any sense. How does drinking a highly toxic, psychoactive irritant that induces higher risk of cancer, heart failure and liver problems increase our life-span?

We live in an age of infinite reduction, and every outcome from every action is examined at the most basic level. And so these studies should definitely lead scientists and doctors to start exploring the positive effects of things like wine, with its natural antioxidants. It may even inspire the public to explore alcohol’s positive effects at a cardiovascular level, on account of many of the healthy drinking outcomes include good cholesterol levels of wine, beer and hard liquor drinkers.

But even the if medical health benefits to drinking proved to be false, there would still be reason to drink moderately. Consider, for just a minute, the cultural aspects to drinking. The primary cause for alcohol consumption is to loosen up, a function of booze’s anxiolytic attributes. This is, for instance, the very famous drink after a day’s work. At the end of an eight-hour turmoil, half a day of arduous tasks and responsibilities, there is something extremely therapeutic in a modest dosage of alcohol, whether it be a beer, a glass of red wine, or a shot of whiskey. It hushes the incessant buzzing of the mind by up-regulating the “GABA receptors.” However it is important not to take it too far or get carried away, because even though the moderated ingestion of alcohol may reduce stress, blood/alcohol levels above 0.1%, (most states consider 0.08 the legal limit for driving) trigger an extreme release of stress-inducing chemicals that can also lead red army vodka cycling jerseyto hormone imbalance. And although you feel relaxed, your body is lead to act as if it has been poisoned to a mortally threatening degree. Especially if you do a lot of outdoor activities, for instance biking, these negative effects of too much alcohol can be severe, and extremely influence your capacity to ride and perform well.

So all of this might be a rationalization for that after-ride beer, or it could be a bunch of information you can use to justify wearing our just plain cool Red Army Vodka cycling jersey.  Remember, drink responsibly, but ride crazy.

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