Top 10 Cycling Essentiels | #9 Cycling Bag

Cycling bags provide you a solution for your next cycling adventure.  Whether it’s long-distance, daily commuting or weekend recreation, Cycling bags allow you to store important items.

The narrow profile of cycling bags ensures that they are kept out of the way of a rider’s movement on the bike. Their attachment straps are designed not to interfere with the bicycle’s cables and housing.

Things to consider before you buy a new Cycling Bag:

  • Size and capacity: Cycling bags come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit your bicycle and your riding needs.
  • Main compartment: The main compartment of a cycling bag is slim and slender, so that when the bag is packed it doesn’t interfere with rider movement.
  • Internal compartments: For extra security and organization, many cycling bags have internal compartments and pockets to help keep your gear in its place and stored safely within the bag.
  • Weather resistance and durability: When you have some great riding adventures planned, you want a cycling bag that will withstand the elements and accompany you on many additional trips.
  • Reflective features: It’s always good to add some extra visibility to your favorite cycling bag, and fortunately, most manufacturers already do it for you with built-in reflective elements for riding in low light or at night.

Cycling bags allow you to store important items, because lets face it, while those cycling shorts look damn good on you, there is no more room for your iPhone.


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