Top 10 Cycling Essentials | #7 Cycling Hydration

This ones a no brainer, staying hydrated while cycling is important no matter how you look at it. Cycling is a vigorous activity resulting in perspiration.  Perspiration can cause dehydration, there are several warning signs to look for:
•    Immoderate thirst
•    Muscle cramping
•    Headaches
•    Nausea
•    Exhaustion

If these symptoms go untreated, in extreme cases, dehydration can lead to heat stroke.  Staying hydrated while cycling can be simple:
•    Drink at least 16oz of water before your bike ride
•    Consume at least 16oz of water during your bike ride
•    Consume at least another 16oz of water after your bike ride
•    A protein rich post-ride drink will help replenish essential nutrients your body needs.

Caffeinated beverages, like soda, tea and coffee, as well as anything alcoholic, will play roles in dehydration.   Stick to liquids that are caffeine and alcohol-free. Energy or “sports” drinks replenish electrolytes and calories to help keep you going during your bike ride. Water however, is still the most important aspect to hydration, and it’s very inexpensive. Take a look at our cycling water bottles.


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