Top 10 Cycling Essentials | #10 Cycling Computer

With the cycling season upon us, we take a look at the “Top 10 Cycling Essentials” all cycling enthusiasts should have before trekking off this cycling season.

Cycling safety items are undoubtedly the most important “must haves” for any cyclist, however, we believe that while being safe is important, looking good ranks high along with the latest and greatest in cycling technology (safety first of course).  See how your list compares.

Number 10 on our list of “Top 10 Cycling Essentials” is definitely a great addition to help improve any true cyclists ride.

10: Cycling Computer -

Cycling Computers will inform you of your speed, distance and how long it took you to do it, and your incline.   Good tool if you just want to know what you are doing on your bike and a great training tool to compare to previous times and distances.

We live in a world where the answers we need, and want, are at our beck and call.  We can find out anything with the simple push of a button, and cycling computers fit right in with the modern cyclist.  The time is no longer, “around noon,” but rather “eleven fifty-seven,” and we don’t just glide down mountain roads on our bicycles at incredible speeds, we go down at 50 miles per hour with a heart beating 110 times per minute while maintaining an average pedaling cadence of 85 rpms.

Having a computer on your ride will give you as much information as you can stand to consider.  It may increase your accomplishments, your health, and even your personal satisfaction, but remember one thing: the joy is in the riding.

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