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eCycle Gas Less Mens Cycling Jersey

Riding a bike is not only beneficial for your health and fitness. It is great for the environment as well. Unlike a car or plane or even engine-powered boat, it is pollutant-free and reduces green-house gas and Carbon Dioxide emissions.

One liter of petrol produces nearly 3kg of CO2, the primary agent responsible for the green-house effect. But for every kilometer bicycled rather than driven or flown, CO2 emissions are reduced by numbers up to only a third of a kilogram. Bicycling 10 kilometers each way to your job, or anywhere, preserves more than an entire ton of green-house gas annually.

A little over half of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the typical American household every year is from transportation. Riding a bike can be a healthy way to significantly reduce a household’s contribution to the pollution behind climate change and ever-increasing gas prices. And if the whole “greenhouse gasses” discussion turns you off, do it because it will reduce dependence on foreign oil and your out-of-pocket expenses, not to mention because it makes you a stud.

It goes without saying that, despite its obvious nature, cars and planes serve as the biggest producers of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, sulphur oxides, ozone-forming substances, hydrocarbons and fine particulates. Modern automobiles emit toxins such as formaldehyde and other pollutants, most of which can be linked to cancer, birth defects, nerve disorders, and long-term damage to the lungs. Carbon Monoxide-related pollution also destroys our earth by restricting photosynthesis, injuring leaves and in turn negatively affecting the production of crops. Motorized vehicles also emit other pollutants like oil, which invade the storm-water systems and are a real cause of river and ocean contamination.

Every time you bike rather than drive, you can significantly reduce emissions of pollutants and toxins into our environment. There is even evidence that as a cyclist, you breathe in less pollution.  So go gasless, for everyone’s sake.  And help those drivers out there to get the point by donning our Gas Less cycling jersey.

Now we just need a jersey that celebrates cycling’s other advantage: burritos taste better after a ride.

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