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Cycle the Swiss Alps in Style with the Ecyclingstore World Jersey’s Switzerland Cycling Jersey. Switzerland is world-renowned for scenic cycling routes, and cyclists flock from thousands of miles (sorry, kilometers) around to ride in this alpine paradise. From the Matterhorn to the Monte Rosa, Rhone Glacier Route to trail rides along the River Rhine, Switzerland features some of Europe’s most breathtaking and enthralling terrain for cyclists to experience.

ecycling-mapThe Rhone Glacier is a major aspect of the alpine scenery of Switzerland, reaching an altitude of 2272 meters before flowing into a steep valley. This icy precipice is a prelude to full Rhone Route, which takes intrepid
cyclists along a flat path, perfect for families and casual riders with a full 8 days worth of travel and 3-star hotels along the way. Starting in Oberwald, a 49km (30.5 mile) ride will take you to Brig, passing through a panorama of mountaintops and flowering fields. From Brig you will ride 63km (39 miles) to Sion along the banks of the Rhone river (named after the glacier that feeds into it) passing by fruit plantations, vineyards, and finally spending the night in Sion before continuing along the next leg of the journey. Leaving Sion, you will head along the lower Rhone valley to Martigny, a 32km (20 mile) ride through high-alpine forests and more of Switzerland’s orchards, in what could be called “wine country.” From Martigny, the next day you will travel 43km (26 miles) to Chexbres, marking just about the halfway point. This part of the route features the beautiful Lake Geneva, the villages of Lavaux, famous for their wines, and Castle Chillon at Montreux, all famous landmarks to witness on your cycling adventure. From Chexbres, a 48km (30 mile) ride will bring you to Morges, through the vineyards of Lavaux, a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site- places of special cultural importance. After Morges is the home stretch, a 57km (35.5 mile) ride to Geneval, Switzerland’s second most populous city and an absolute site to see for tourists and travelers alike!

The entire Rhone Route stretches 292km (181 miles) over 6 days or so- a lengthy ride for any cyclist!  And what better way to look your best and show your Swiss pride on such an adventure than to wear Ecycling Store’s switzerland_1latest World Jersey- the Switzerland Cycling Jersey?  Featuring the shape of Switzerland and the iconic red and white Swiss Cross symbol, this jersey is perfect for both for lovers of Switzerland and lovers of, well, cycling across gorgeous landscapes. For more jerseys and the best routes, stick with Ecyclingstore!

Crikey! Is that an Australia Team Cycling Jersey from Ecyclingstore?


Aussies know cycling, the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games recently wrapped, with Australia finishing in the top tier with 20 medals, 7 of them gold! 9 Australians have won the Tour de France, with the most recent being 2011′s Cadel Evans and 2013′s Simon Gerrans.

The great southern land is home to dozens of off-road trail rides, all over the continent-country, from the 613 Km Oodnadatta Track in South Australia to the 1146 km Great Central Road through Western Australia and the Northern Territory. In fact, Cycle Australia lists 20 rides through the Australian wilderness, encouraging mountain bikers to explore the vast wilderness and wide open spaces. For even more exploration, Cycling Tours of Australia and New Zealand can set you up with guided tours to make for the ultimate cycling getaway. With so many options for your cycling adventure in the land down under, you want to ride in style, right?

austrialia_1Well ride in style and show off your Aussie pride with the Ecyclingstore World Jerseys Australia Team Cycling Jersey. Made from 100% Polyester DrySport wicking fabric, the Australian Team Bicycle Jersey is the perfect choice for breaking a sweat in the hot Australian sun (or, wherever you ride). Sporting the shape of the Australian continent and the flag’s colors as well, this jersey is a perfect representation of the country’s pride!  Get one and your mates will say “good onya.”  Dinky-di!


Tour de France 2014 Wet and Wild Adventure on the way to Paris- Celebrate French Cyclist Pride with a New Jersey


The Tour de France always ends in Paris, but getting there turns out to be a new set of adventures and surprises every year.  This year seems to have brought more challenges, disappointments and opportunities than usual.

First created in 1903, the Tour de France is cycling’s most prestigious Grand Tour event, and traverses a different route each year, throughout France and adjacent countries. This year’s route led from a starting point abroad in Leeds, United Kingdom and continues over 21 stages before reaching its finale in Paris on the Champs-Élysées.

Today, however, the auspicious race has only completed its 10th stage, with the cyclists racing from Mulhouse to La Planche des Belles Filles, high in the foggy mountains of Eastern France that border France and Germany. Ending results today place Vincenzo Nibali of Italy in the coveted first place overall Yellow Jersey, which he’s held for most of the Tour, with French team AG2R Mondiale as the leading team.  Gloriously for France, however, the Yellow jersey was worn for a single day, today, Bastille Day (the French 4th of July more or less), by a Frenchman, Tony Gallopin, who snatched it deliberately from Nibali’s shoulders yesterday in honor of the big French holiday, turning it back over at the end of a day of foggy, wet and steep mountain climbs.

It’s been years since the Tour has seen so much mayhem and madness in the first week.  Day one saw the loss of the Manx Missile, British sprinter Mark Cavendish, a favorite to win many of the flat stages whose aggressive efforts at the finish resulted in a dislocated shoulder rather than a Yellow Jersey.  Within a few days, Chris Froome, last year’s Yellow Jersey winner, was out with a broken hand and wrist.  And today, former champion Alberto Contador sadly withdrew when a crash badly damaged his knee.  Already, there are 18 withdrawals (almost 10% of starters!), whose crashes were a result of 5 days of unending rain, cold, fog, not to mention a parismuddy battle with 9 rounds of ancient cobblestones on day five.

The Tour de France is the foremost cycling race in the world, and part of a triad of Grand Tour races that include the Giro d’Italia and Vuelta a España. For 101 years the trifecta of road race cycling has been a historical competition that draws over 12 million spectators- more than other major world sporting events like the World Cup and the Summer Olympics!

For all this and more, we at Ecyclingstore celebrate the Tour de France and its home country with the Paris Men’s Cycling Jersey, a fashionable form-fitting piece of cycling wear that proudly bears “le tour Eiffel de Paris.” This jersey, in the spirit of cycling’s most famous location, is just what every cyclist needs, whether a Tour de France competitor soon to arrive on the Champs-Élysées in a few short days, or a fan watching from the comfort of their couch at home!


Go Speed Racer, Go!

speed-racer-racer-xWatch out for Racer X and get a leg up on the competition in your own imaginary Mach 5 with the latest in Ecycling Store’s cycling jerseys, styled after the legendary anime Speed Racer. Yes, the Speed Racer Men’s Racer X Jersey brings the colorful imagery of this classic anime tv series and manga to life while you ride the roads in your own way. You may not be in a fast car, but you can still have a need for speed (or just show your fandom for the show, we guess) while you pedal towards the finish line!

For the uninitiated, Speed Racer (known in Japan as Mach GoGoGo) was an animated tv series, or anime, that ran from during the 1960s and 1970s, featuring the exploits of titular race car driver Speed Racer and his competitions in a dangerous racing league with fierce competition and James Bond-esque gadgetry. His specially-built race car, the Mach 5, featuring deployable gadgets such as re-inflatable tires, obstacle-cutting saw blades, jump-jacks to catapult the car into mid air (for jumping over obstacles or other cars), and more. Perhaps the most famous aspect of the classic TV series (and live action movie in 2008) was Speed’s rival racer: the mysterious and skillful Racer Xfile_99, whom this latest Ecycling Store jersey is based on! Driving the Shooting Star, a car as fast as Speed’s, Racer X is actually Speed’s long-lost older brother Rex Racer.  His classic “X” symbol and Shooting Star car colors are an iconic part of the Speed Racer mythos, and make up the design of this jersey.

Whether you’re an otaku (anime fan) with a penchant for Speed Racer, or a cyclist who has fond memories of 60′s animation, the Ecycling Store Speed Racer Men’s Racer X
Cycling Jersey
is the perfect choice! Ride out in style, you may not be in the formula 1 (or Tour de France, even), but the need for speed is felt by every cyclist whether on the open road or the forest trail.


How to Eat (and Drink!) Your Way Through the Tour de France

Riders drinking to each other's health in another time and another placeIt’s the world’s greatest bike race, and, notwithstanding the media hype about those boys kicking balls around down in South America (am I the only one sick of a month of Google World Cup doodles?), the Tour de France is also the world’s greatest sporting event.  But enough has been written about how the riders train, what they wear, whether they will be using drugs and which ones, and of course, how they can even eat the 9000 calories a day that they burn.  What about the crucial and burning question: if you’re one of the lucky few who will be following the peloton in person, how do you combine a love of the World’s greatest sport and a love of the World’s greatest cuisine in one delicious trip.

Thus, we have filled this gaping hole in popular culture with our infographic, “How to Eat Your Way Through the Tour de France.”  Read it, gaze upon it, salivate, and go buy that ticket to watch the start in Yorkshire.  Now!

infographic, eating your way through the tour de france bike race

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Say “Don’t Tread on Me” This Summer with a Unique Bicycle Jersey

Say “don’t tread on me” in style this summer as you hit the best routes. Cycling season is in full swing, and the freedom of the open road has many recalling the freedom of our country (especially as we approach the 4th of July). With that we remember the original Thirteen Colonies and their struggle against the British with the Gadsden Flag.

donttreadBest known as the current symbol for the modern-day Tea Party in politics, the Gadsden Flag displays a coiled rattlesnake and the defiant slogan “Don’t Tread on Me” in order to warn the British of the consequences of tyranny. Although the rattlesnake may be the least-known of the United States of America’s iconic symbols (after the Bald Eagle and the Turkey, in that order), in the 1770′s it was a recognizable as an animal wholly unique to North and South America. So much so, in fact, that Benjamin Franklin once jokingly suggested shipping rattlesnakes to England in retaliation to their taxation.

Today, the Tea Party political group uses the Gadsden Flag, being used to represent a small-government stance and advocate that same “Don’t Tread on Me” attitude in relation to government taxation and reform. Regardless of your political stance…it’s a catchy slogan, and a great logo for freedom and independence. Take your stance on freedom to the roadways and trails with the Gadsden Flag-inspired “Don’t Tread on Me” Jersey from Ecycling store. Retailing for the special low price of $44.99, buy this cycling jersey today and display your independence with pride!

Why Drive When You Can Ride? Cycling’s Love-Hate Relationship With the Open Road

Can you really compare this...

Can you really compare this… this?

…to this?









Cars are one mode of transportation we love to hate and hate to love. Gas Guzzlers and eco-engines can’t hold a candle to the thrill of cycling, but they still hold a place in our hearts as a mode of transportation and competition for rule of the road. Despite being invented over 100 years before the first car, bicycles were swiftly replaced by more advanced methods of travel, and were challenged by their more cumbersome, gas-driven cousins as a primary form of transportation among society.  So hard was it to earn equality on the road that it wasn’t until 1988 that designated bike lanes were finally painted onto roads in the U.S.

gas_sucks_1Gas-guzzling vehicles like the Humvee or a classic Cadillac were by no means the first of their kind- even the “original automobile” Ford 1908 Model T only got 13-21 mpg, and at the time the average of 20 cents per gallon of gasoline was pretty expensive. The debut of the monstrous V8 Engine (and the excessive gas consumption that it required) began in 1957 with the Chevrolet Bel Air, with industry analysts for Popular Science Magazine proclaiming “The U.S. car is threatening to become a compulsive drinker,” in response. Of course, the most famous example of the gas-guzzling road-hog came in 1992: The Hummer H1, an 8500 pound SUV (well…repurposed military truck) that got a pathetic 10 mpg.

gaslessfrontWith gas prices near to an all-time high (20 cents in 1908? Forget about it! The average price for gas in the U.S. in 2014 is $3.55 per gallon), maybe it’s time to leave the car in the garage. Riding a bike has a number of advantages over even the newer electric and hybrid cars. Why spend money on fuel and four-wheels when you can enjoy a trail ride or just roll along in a (sadly) uncrowded bike lane to get where you need to go? The only mileage you need to worry about is how far your legs can take you while you’re pedaling away!  And the only burning you will do will be calories.  However, sometimes you and your bike need a lift to get to the trail you want, and a car is necessary. Even pro cycling teams require a van to transport equipment, spare tires, and transport team members between legs of a race. Even with our love-hate relationship between bicycles and cars, it’s not easy for cyclists to do without either one!

Regardless of your stance on bikes over cars, nobody can argue that cycling more often for sport, for recreation, and for transportation can help downsize your gas costs. Bike more and fill the tank less by riding to work or taking a bike instead of the car whenever you need to go out for errands. Show your love of cycling and your independence from gas guzzling with the Ecyclingstore Gas Sucks Men’s Cycling Jersey or Gas Less Men’s Cycling Jersey. Ecyclingstore, suiting your cyclist style for over a decade!


Enjoy the Wonders of Alpine Cycling — Austria

The hills are alive with more than just the sound of music; Austria is one of Europe’s premier cycling destinations! Hear the wind whip by and the quiet music of your spokes singing as you trek across alpine trails, careen down mountain highways, and cruise along winding rivers as you enjoy some of the most beautiful bike-riding terrain in the world.  Austria is famous for having several Tour De France stage winners. Max Bulla won as an independent racer in 1931′s race, and took 1st place in Stage 2 of the same race. Georg Totschnig is another famous Austrian cyclist, having won multiple races since 1989. In fact, he placed 3rd overall in the 2005 Deutschland Tour and won stage 14 of the Tour de France the same year. Austrian roadways are all about the alpine ride; the countryside features many scenic trails and thrilling rides through breathtaking terrain!

austria_lgIf you fancy a holiday in Europe, cycling across the continent, Austria is a major sight to see. Among the most famous routes is the Danube, Austria’s premier cycle path.  [ed. fragment] Heading downstream along the river of the same name, starting in Passau, Germany and crossing the border as the path travels down 35 miles of terrain to end in Vienna. For an even longer ride, suggests, “start in Regensburg (Germany),  you will enjoy another 100 miles to get rolling. Regensburgis home to a wonderful medieval town and the cycle path to Passau is flat and less traveled.” If you fancy a relaxing, long-distance ride, this just might be for you.

A new fad sweeping Europe — and Austria in particular — is the E-bike.  Notwithstanding the opinion of purists, E-bikes are traditional bicycles with an added electric motor to make light work of those tough inclines and uphill rides, a favorite in a country with so much mountainous terrain! Several famous Austrian locales feature trails specifically for E-biking, including Flachau, Saalbach Hinterglemm, Lake Wolfgangsee, and Lungau. These scenic spots feature rolling hills and mountain trails. Flachau offers E-bike rentals, while Saalback Hinterglemm features 400 km of mountain bike tracks.  The possibilities for your cycling adventures are endless!

Whether you’re the next Austrian Tour de France hopeful or just a cyclist on holiday, nothing can beat fantastic rides and terrain like this. And what better to help you experience it than a new cycling jersey for the trip? Ecycling store offers its World Jerseys series Austria Team Cycling Jersey, 100% polyester Drysport™ feel-good fabric that’s comfortable to wear no matter how far you ride. Order today to make your cycling repertoire complete!


Bicycling Über Alles– World Jerseys Deutschland Jerseys

germanyteam_lgThe Autobahn may be the way to go for fast cars and die-hard drivers, but Germany offers more routes for the slightly slower way of life that is cycling. Deutschland is home to a dedicated cycling culture, and caters to its enthusiasts with hundreds of rides and trails across the entire country. With cross-country routes aplenty, intrepid cyclists can enjoy scenic long-distance rides in the country just as easily as short trail rides and sightseeing city tours.

Fancy a trip down one of Germany’s many rivers? Long-distance bike tours along the Rhine, Moselle, Ahr, Kyll, Lahn, or Nahe rivers, seeing the sights, are popular for good reason– everything from rolling hills and ancient castles to villages and vineyards. The map below shows numerous routes stretching from Hanover to Dusseldorf and Berlin to Munich, all of these biker-friendly and guaranteed to be a ride you’ll never forget.


Cycling routes map courtesy of Radnetz Deustchland (Cycle network Germany)

If the countryside isn’t for you, then in-city rides are just as easy to find. Copenhagenize, a “bicycle urbanism” website, ranks the best cities in the world for cycling, and six of Germany’s cities were listed out of the 43 total. Griefswald, Germany ranked the highest– this city is a dream for bike and pedestrian traffic, with bicycling being the main form of transportation across the entire city from 8 p.m. to 10 a.m. Other German cities ranked on the list were Bremen, Munich, Tubingen, Dresden, and Berlin. Truly


Germany is a haven for cyclists!

For a native German radfahrer (bicyclist) or just an international cyclist who enjoys Germany’s enthralling rides, Ecyclingstore has got you covered. The World Jersey’s Deutschland Team Men’s Cycling Jersey, and the 2014 Deutschland Team Men’s Cycling Jersey both display the country’s colors and flag to be worn with pride. Keep cool on your rides through Deutschland (or just wishing you were) with these jerseys. Lift your beer steins high and say “auf wiedersehen! (see you later!)” to boring biking! For more information on Ecycling store visit our website or call (619) 270-1109

Fighting Fires is Hot Work; It Deserves a Cool Bicycling Jersey!

Fire service members are close-knit brotherhood:  they share a common bond, risking their lives every day not just to extinguish blazes, but support each other while doing so. Firehouse lingo is a very specific vocabulary firefighterfrontused by emergency personnel, and their training and job environment unites them as a group. In short, they are a subculture.

Firefighters everywhere enjoy cycling in their time off. There are more than a million firefighting personnel in the U.S., and many of them stay in shape by feeling a different kind of burnthat sweet burn that comes from a 50 mile ride. They ride to relax after an exhausting day saving lives, or to stay in shape between calls. It’s so popular in fact that Firefighters Cycling, a Washington-based club, has competed in events and supported firefighting districts since 1996.

Riding subculture and firefighting subculture combine with this particular organization, and their support has inspired other fire stations in districts across the US to take up a cause and get on a bike. The 2014 Firefighter 50 Bike Ride begins on July 27, 2014 in Westminster, MD with fully supported rides of varying lengths, with all proceeds benefiting the Firefighters of Pleasant Valley.

FDNY firefighters on the Trident RideOn March 19th, an 18-day, 1,400 mile trek began from the World Trade Center Ground Zero in New York city to the Navy SEAL Memorial in Fort Pierce, Florida, and New York Firefighters rode this extraordinary distance, anywhere from 50 to 130 miles per day, transporting a 14-foot steel beam from the rubble of the World Trade Center to be presented at the Navy SEAL memorial when they arrive. This ride, the FDNY Ride for the Trident House or “Trident Ride,” reached its destination April 7, 2014.

As you can see, cycling culture DOES have a place in the firehouse, and firefighters everywhere are getting in on the trend. If you are a firefighter, or would like to show your support for these brave men and women, pick up an American Firefighter Men’s Cycling Jersey from Ecyclingstore.

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